Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Just The 2.5 Of Us

Elizabeth might be moving a little slower (hello, third trimester!), but we are running all over.  The biggest and farthest trip we made was to Michigan.  It was little beastie's third trip to Michigan, and fifth plane trip overall.  This was by far the least comfortable flight for Elizabeth, but compression socks and lots of water go a long way.  And an upgrade to first class doesn't hurt!

Upgraded to first class!  Who cares that Elizabeth's seat wouldn't lock and light didn't work.

As usual, the mitten state welcomed us with open arms and questionable weather.  We started on the west side of the state where we were able to visit with fabulous friends, take our first family portraits, and celebrate a marriage.  Quite an exciting day and a half!  In fact, beastie has been to four weddings already, and we had to fly to all of them.  We're committed to making it to every wedding we can, but it's definitely going to get more complicated in 2015.

Clockwise from top left: beastie at 6, 12, 27, and 14 weeks.

Serendipitously, there are no more weddings until beastie arrives, which means no more stressing about formal wear that fits a bump.  The first time Elizabeth got irrationally emotional about her growing belly was trying on things for the wedding at week 27.  All the dresses she thought would work, did not work.  That plus hormones equals melancholy.  Thankfully, a California friend offered to lend a couple infinity dresses for the occasion.  Infinity dresses fit everyone and are highly recommended for fancy occasions where bumps must be accommodated.  In fact, that reminds Elizabeth that she'd like to share some pregnancy apparel tips with whoever cares:
  • Knee-length and maxi dresses are amazingly comfortable
  • Especially in early pregnancy, using a hair tie to extend the waistband on pants (pop it through the button hole and around the button) is way more comfortable than a belly band
  • Low rise undies, especially with lace tops instead of tough elastic bands, are awesome
  • You will need a bigger bra, and not just cup size
  • Those really flowy and long tank tops that are in these days... get a bunch in the current size you wear and one size up
  • Foldover everything - pants, skirts, shorts, all fantastic
  • Try out both over-the-belly and under-the-belly pants options - different strokes for different folks, and there's no way to know until you try
  • Invest in a night gown or night shirt that is comfortable (and will fit your growing belly), for when you don't want shorts or pants at night
Our trip to Michigan also included some significant family time in Metro Detroit.  Elizabeth keeps calling it "basically Xmas" since we can't travel for the holidays this year.  It will be our little family's first California Xmas!  We tried to make up for it with sibling time, niece and nephew time, cousin time, friend time, you name it.  Plus, Elizabeth's mom put on one heck of a party celebrating little beastie.  It was fantastic to celebrate (in person) with family and friends.  It was also very special to see some very precious moms with their babies and toddlers.  

Beastie's grandma and mom.

When you're pregnant, a lot of people say things to you.  From the generic conversation starter of "Congratulations!" from people you barely know, to comments on how big / small / good / tired you look.  It's all probably well meaning, but that doesn't mean it doesn't also get tiresome.  Is Elizabeth small?  Compared to what?  She's certainly bigger than she's ever been before, and not just the belly!  Is she tired?  Who isn't?  It's hard to come up with non-awkward responses to most of these things.  With close friends and family, it's pretty easy and no one cares when you say weird things.  With acquaintances and strangers... it's getting easier and easier not to care and just say weird things.  "Wow!  You're getting big!" "Yup."  (Silence)  "You are so tiny!" "Yup." (Silence)

The third trimester came on stronger than expected.  Elizabeth catches herself getting way more irritated than appropriate with little annoyances, and exercise is becoming a much bigger challenge.  In addition to getting winded super easily, she's also having to put more and more activities on the "don't" list.  Even so, she's committed to teaching her twice weekly classes at the dance studio, and weekend workouts at the Dailey Method (modified for late pregnancy, of course).

Even with the slow down, Elizabeth and Chris are trying to get to as many local activities as they can, while they can.  This past weekend we went to the other side of the bay to catch up with some special friends and saw Andrea Martin in her Tony-winning role in Pippin in San Francisco.  While it's still just the 2.5 of us, we'll continue being as active as we all can be, and we'll play it by ear when beastie gets out here.  Beastie will get here no later than January 5, since the doctors won't let Elizabeth go past her due date.  We'll just have to see if beastie makes an appearance in 2014, or waits for the new year.

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