Thursday, April 16, 2015

Obie's Bees

Nicknames happen a lot, and we had a lot for Oberon.  We still think of some, and get a little sad we won't be able to call him by them.  The other day, Chris was being a little slow getting things out of the car, and Elizabeth almost said something like, "come on, slowpoke!" - but didn't, because she thought "come on, Slobie" and couldn't say it.

One term of endearment that we used a lot with Obie was "little bug."  After he passed away, we decided to keep with this theme, and focus it a little more.  Obie had a swaddle with bees on it, and that was enough for us.

Some time later, we got our wonderful yellow gift box, and it worked perfectly.  Yellow and bees, a perfect pair.  Ever since, we've been infesting our home with Obie's bees.  Just as a living child permeates every area of one's life, we welcome reminders of our child everywhere in ours.

We've been decorating the nursery (and many other things) with vinyl stickers made by one of Elizabeth's friends from high school.  It makes us happy to cover Obie's room with his bees.

Not surprisingly, we've started noticing Obie's bees everywhere.  From hikes to state park gift shops to sidewalk advertising, we always seem to find them.

People at work are starting to notice the bees and yellow in Elizabeth's cube.  She doesn't really say why, but she's pretty sure some of her coworkers have figured it out.

Some of Obie's bees sting, but we like it because children are sometimes stinkers like that.

Elizabeth's bee rings like to sting!

Obie's family and friends have jumped on the bandwagon too, and we just love it when they share Obie's bees with us.

Thank you for sharing Obie's bees with us.

Next time you hear a bee buzz, see a bee design, or even have some honey, we hope you think of our precious Obie and his bees.  Use #obiesbees on instagram to share with us (@il0veanne & @thomacx1).

Another way to share Obie's bees is to order your very own Obie's Bees team shirt.  Thanks to the wonderful Amy C* donating her time and mad design prowess, we have this fabulous logo ready to go!  All proceeds (should we get any) will go to Obie's favorite charities.  You can read more about them here.

Obie's Bees Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front

Place an order for your shirt by clicking here by May 6.

*Amy C is a talented woman.  In addition to her bee-creation skills, she wrote a book!  Check it out.