Friday, July 27, 2018

Immy Meets The Mitten!


Finally, Immy meets her Michigan family!

Deel Xmas In July - July 7, 2018

We're an odd bunch, but a loving bunch. And finally, there's a baby girl on Elizabeth's side! The next youngest girl to Imogen...Elizabeth. Immy did pretty well with all the change and all the strangers, but she also leaned hard into being a Mommy's girl on the trip. (Mommy was OK with it.)

Imogen got her first go at "the money tree" - the best holiday game ever, invented by her middle namesake Nanny (Ruby). Elizabeth remembers playing this game every Christmas Eve, and it's incredibly special to share it with Evie and Immy now. They may get sick of it when they get older, but they still get money so odds are they'll put up with it.

The Money Tree - July 7, 2018

The trip was exhausting (as always), but we got to spend time with people we love (as always). There was a little snag when Everett got a fever and we had to call off some plans and rearrange others. The plus side of a sick toddler is it's an excuse to cuddle and watch a movie, so Chris and Elizabeth finally saw Cars. It was adorable watching Everett watch it. There's a scene where the picture is a sweeping vista outside of Radiator Springs, and Evie just whispers..."woooooooow!" 

One of the coolest things is watching Everett interact with his cousins and our friends' kids. We know these moments are fleeting, because the older kids get the less they'll let Mommy and Daddy set up play dates. 

This trip to Michigan was less emotionally charged than in the past. That doesn't mean there weren't moments (like when someone at The Henry Ford noticed a lot of us had Oberon gear and called us an "Oberon family"), but we weren't stuck in a tense state the whole time. It was nice.

Meeting Great Grandma W - July 10, 2018 

Early July feels like forever ago. It's been such a jam-packed month! Immy is learning and changing by the minute - she's already doing the hands and knees super rock, so crawling is just around the corner. 

As always, when we get home we realize we should have taken more pictures. We didn't get a picture of Imogen with everyone she met. We didn't get Everett playing at the new splash pad in Dodge Park (HOW DID WE MISS THAT?). 

But we did get some. And we cherish those.