Sunday, August 28, 2016

Birthday Month

It's not Everett's birthday yet, and it's not Oberon's, but it is ours.  August is both Christopher and Elizabeth's birthday month.  And this one has been starkly different than the last two.

Two birthdays ago, we were expecting our first baby, but there were already concerning things and we were waiting for test results.  While we both had some anticipation for a fun and celebratory 30th birthday, suddenly those carefree feelings were sucked out of the room.

One birthday ago, we were intensely grieving.  We were expecting our second baby, and were again waiting for test results (these ones precautionary).  Again, celebration was not something that sounded right to us.

Chris got to choose his birthday hike, 8/8/2015.  #obielovesyellow

This year, Everett is here, growing and thriving.  It's so different.  At the same time, celebrating our birthdays still feels pretty silly and unnecessary.  Birthdays also bring up bitterness that Oberon won't get to experience them.

As Evie grows, we realize we have to be more cautious and thoughtful in how we react to things - even things as silly as adult birthdays.  We want him to enjoy birthdays, and we want him to understand that everyone has them (even old people like Mommy and Daddy).

Evie's first birthday candle experience, 8/8/2016

Blowing out the candles, 8/19/2016

So we set our teeth and celebrated.  Everett watched us open presents, we sang "Happy Birthday", and we blew out candles.  Neither of us could remember the last birthday we had candles for, and here we are at 32.  And they weren't just candles, they were Obie's Bees candles.

Everett is getting more interactive and understanding more of his world every day.  This month he mastered sitting up, and also getting from sitting down to tummy or back without being upset about it.  He has conquered early finger foods, and appears to be a lefty.  He's pretty quiet (for a baby), but has started babbling more and more.  

Enjoying some sun with lots of Obie's Bees, 8/20/2016