Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hello, 2019

It's taken awhile, but it feels like 2019 is finally in gear.

Riding in style - January 7, 2019

We had a protracted holiday season, and with that the typical pros and cons. We didn't have to have everything done by mid-December, but we were still sorting out holiday gifts in mid-January. Not to mention, someone in our house turned three!

 Party time - January 12, 2019

Actual birthday boy, with requested "red cake" - January 7, 2019

Oh yeah, and we had visitors. Grandma Fiorani was here for Everett's birthday, and the Thoma side came in force for his birthday party. Honestly, we're surprised how well Evie adjusted to the lack of presents after the non-stop Obie Xmas, Deel / Fiorani Christmas Eve, Santa / Family New Year's Eve, Evie's Birthday, Belated Thoma Christmas, Evie's Birthday Party.

So. Many. Presents.

The extended celebrating and visitors made going back to work a bit odd. It made finding the balance between work and life take a bit longer than the typical January. And now, January is almost through!

We're not really a resolutions family, but we did try to sort out some goals for this year. And we all know you're more likely to follow through if you say your goals out loud, write them down, and share them with others. Keeps us accountable. So here goes...

  • Remove the ugly bushes from our front yard and replace with a tree
  • Research preschool for Everett
  • Take more family pictures
  • Go on a family vacation
  • Add one health or sustainability focused diet rule (already doing Meatless Mondays)
  • Schedule more play dates
  • Host a summer party
  • Keep up with the Beastie Blog
It's daunting looking at it all at once. But, we have a year. OK, more like eleven months. We can do it. We've already been to one preschool open house, and hey - this is a Beastie Blog post! Time to go schedule a play date...

Before the chaos... there were 30 children at our house - January 12, 2019