Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Birthday, a Hike, and the Mountains

We're not going to totally rehash omicron. Consider this the sidestep of the 2022 version of the 2021 January surge and all the frustrations that go along with that.

January Joys

We hiked on Day 1, as is our tradition. And we made it to Yosemite (aka the snowy mountains) for a long weekend. Outside time is awesome time.

Yosemite West - January 15, 2022

Coyote Peak - January 1, 2022


Our six (SIX!) year-old continues to love kindergarten, hate getting picked up from after care, and obsess over LEGO. In the snowy mountains, he cemented his fascination with Carcassonne. Mommy and Daddy actually have to try, otherwise he beats us by 50 or more. He's clever and ruthless (and getting slightly better at losing now and again).

Everett's other big January event was his school's Star Party. What was supposed to be on campus pivoted to virtual, and we rolled with it. Picked up this sweet NASA get up from our local Buy Nothing and spend the day making a lunar lander, bottle rockets, and training like astronauts.

Everett by the numbers...

  • COVID tests: at least 4
  • Stomach bugs: 1
  • Fevers: 1
  • School days missed: 1


While Everett wows us with his game strategies, Imogen impresses us with her commitment. Sometimes it's awesome (pretend play, caregiving for her dolls), sometimes it's decidedly not (needing to control every aspect of what everyone is doing, refusing to admit fault). We're all trying to work together and start with kindness. 

On her week home in quarantine, she was amazing. She did Little Gym videos by herself, worked on puzzles, and was patient when we couldn't help her immediately. Having just her home provided some nice 1:1 moments that we don't normally get.

Imogen by the numbers...

  • COVID tests: at least 3
  • Stomach bugs: 0
  • Fevers: 0
  • School days missed: 7


How do we find new ways to say that she's the happiest, sweetest, giggliest nine-month-old? She does have more emotional range these days. Including, yes, frustration and anger. Diaper changes are not always as hilarious as they used to be... and she'll cry while simultaneously clapping her hands. So then we laugh, and then feel guilty about it, but it's just SO DANG CUTE.

She loved her first bath in the big tub, so now we need to figure out how to fit more baths into the line up.

Adelaide by the numbers...

  • COVID tests: 1
  • Stomach bugs: 1 (she started it, boo)
  • Fevers: 1
  • School days missed: 2

Chris and Elizabeth

We're not as exciting, we get it. While Chris is rocking the same gig as years past, Elizabeth is learning a new boss and has new responsibilities. All while being in the office exactly one half-day in January (see the kids' stats above). 

C & E by the numbers...

  • COVID tests: 5?
  • Stomach bugs: 2
  • Fevers: 1
  • Work from home days: 18.5
  • Promotion: 1

Looking ahead...

We didn't touch an airport in January, but hopefully that changes next month. Weddings, working in an actual office, playgrounds, and outings where we might see other people. These things we look forward to. Fingers firmly crossed, and for now... masks secured. It'll take a while to undo the habits of masking everywhere and giving a wide berth. We are sick of it, but also trying to be diligent. 

Yes, COVID-19 is generally less severe in the young and omicron is generally even milder. Yes, we are sending our kids to care and school where there is certainly some risk of germ-sharing (see: stomach bug). Also yes, we are trying to minimize risks where not super detrimental to our kids' learning and development and our ability to hold onto our jobs along with our sanity. 

And lastly, yes, we are scarred from being the rare tragedy that no one wants to think about. If (and at this rate, it feels like when) we test positive for COVID-19 one of these days, it is most likely that we will all be fine. But we might not. And that possibility feels realer for us than most people (probably).

The vaccines for the littlest kids used to feel imminent, and now it feels hard to imagine. We try not to follow the timelines too closely because it just weighs us down, the waiting. One of these days. Hopefully sooner than later.