Saturday, June 29, 2019

Waddle Walk 2019

At one of the support group meetings we went to, a bereaved parent said "I didn't think I was doing any better, but when I see people here with fresh loss - I know that I am."

Things are different now. Different from life before loss, and also different from those first years after. While we don't need as much day-to-day support and understanding, we are keenly aware of those that do. Every day, more parents become bereaved parents. More families have to learn to cope with life after loss.

Although it is emotionally taxing, this is the reason we've stayed connected to the resources that helped us when we didn't have the tools to help ourselves. Today, we participated in the first Waddle Walk to raise awareness (and funds) for Pregnancy After Loss Support.

It would be easy to just not do it. To claim that moving forward meant detaching from the loss support community. Many do just that, as it feels right to them.

For us though, it doesn't feel right. There's another saying, that when you lose a child there is a net of loss parents ready to catch you and support you. Nothing is expected of you, and if you are lucky you find support without judgement, the kind that can only be provided by someone who has been there. Now that we've been supported in such a meaningful and human way, it's our turn to be there for others who will experience the loss of their children. It's our turn to be resilient, advocate, support, listen, and yes, fundraise.

Stopping for lunch in the Hay Barn on our Waddle Walk - June 29, 2019

So we do it. For Oberon. And for everyone else navigating life after loss.

The Waddle Walk itself was a three mile hike that we chose to do at Deer Hollow Farm, part of Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. It was a morning that started a little later than planned and the sun bore down a little hotter than we'd like, but it was good. We met up with good friends who joined us on the walk, and we had a nice morning. Sometimes we got the kids to quack or waddle, but mostly it was just a morning outside - hiking, running, chattering, and looking at the animals.

Oh yeah, and a dance show.

We'd love even more company next year!

Immy watching the sheep - June 29, 2019

Immy loved the chickens - June 29, 2019

Reading the sign - June 29, 2019

Pool party at our house - June 1, 2019