Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happy(ish) New Year!

2018. Another new year.

We looked back at some early posts from 2017, and it makes it even more obvious how much has changed in the last year.

The largest thing, of course, is that Imogen is here. Between this time last year and now, we conceived, had nine months of pregnancy, and two plus months of a healthy Immy on the outside. It feels crazy, in the best possible way.

Immy - January 2, 2018

Everett's personality, vocabulary, and coordination have grown by leaps and bounds, especially the last six months. He talks in sentences (!), negotiates, and attempts a forward roll (he prefers to try himself instead of being assisted). He is a bundle of energy, and brings so many silly and wonderful moments into the day.

Evie - December 30, 2017

Evie hit a big milestone this month - he's two! If you ask him, he'll tell you, "I'll be two months old." We've tried for weeks to set him straight, but it's just not happening right now. We had a birthday party at The Little Gym, which worked out beautifully. It didn't matter if the weather was bad, we didn't have to clean up, and there was a big space for the kids to run around and burn off energy. As usual, Everett had a blast running around as well as watching the other kids. And it was great for us to watch our friends be parents and see their kids growing and learning.

No, he was not told to be in the center of the circle - January 6, 2018 

Superman! January 6, 2018 

Cake, party people, and our family - January 6, 2018

Everett definitely understands the concepts of presents now, and thoroughly enjoyed opening his birthday goodies (though he did get overwhelmed). He's still playing with his new toys and reading his new books (great job, friends and family!), and we're stashing a couple away for later so he doesn't get bored with everything at the same time.

One of the coolest developments for Everett is his interest in Imogen. He has started being more hands on with her, which requires more vigilance from us - "gentle" isn't always what happens. He has officially held her for the first time, he tries to rock her, wants to kiss her (always asks to kiss her eyes for some reason), and constantly asks about her. 

As Everett grows firmly into toddlerhood, it feels more and more like we are leaving Oberon behind. Even Imogen is older than Oberon ever was, and that seems very strange. Oberon's thirty-three days loom so large over our lives, that it doesn't feel right when a thirty-three day span with Everett or Imogen fails to carry the same weight.

Then again, nothing ever feels truly "right" anymore. Everything is bittersweet, though certain days and moments slide further in one direction or the other. We see Evie (and now sometimes Immy) light up with a huge smile - pure joy. It's a beautiful, life-affirming sight, but it's not really something we expect to feel again. And that feels somehow unfair to our living children. It's something we'll have to figure out how to handle.

Another thing we'll have to handle soon, is Everett asking questions about Oberon. He knows about his brother, but how much he understands about Obie not being here is anyone's guess.

January 20, 2018