Monday, August 30, 2021

Elementary, My Dear Everett

It's always tempting to do a full run-down of the month in these posts. But this time, this month, we wanted to focus on Everett.

Kinder Kickoff - August 14, 2021

Because... Everett started kindergarten. Cue the horns, the fireworks, the applause. Kindergarten always felt like a huge milestone, and it has sure lived up to it. Everett is lucky to have in-person class this year (thank you, vaccines), and also lucky that school has a 100% masking policy (thank you, school board and county health department). While the masking is a constant reminder of the times we are living in, it doesn't feel like Everett is internalizing that too much.

Our Everett comes home thrilled to talk about school and aftercare. He shares his assignments with his sister, sometimes going so far as to recreate it so she can do it too. He tells us about his new closest friend (Evan) and his tablemates. We hear about games they play. Some familiar (Ghosts In The Graveyard), some not (Silent Ball).

First day of school - August 18, 2021

We look at his baby pictures and it seems impossible that the wide-eyed chunk staring out at us is the same mohawked, slender, ball of nonstop commentary sleeping in the next room. He's no longer a baby, not a toddler, not even a preschooler. He's a kid. A school-aged kid. 

So Everett, here's to you as you embark on this new, exciting adventure.

Gooooooo HAWKS! - August 18, 2021

Our dear Everett,

May you always have this starry-eyed enthusiasm. May your kindness and wonder balance your eagerness to please (and win). We are so proud of you - especially that kindness and thoughtfulness. You can already read, which amazes and delights us. We hope it amazes and delights you too... it seems like it does.

You should be proud of yourself as well. You are handling all the uncertainty with a maturity we have no right to expect. We ask a lot of you, older brothering to a threenager and an infant. The sweetness and joy you exude when playing with or holding your baby sister Adelaide warms our hearts. You love on her, protect her, and give her what she needs (typically a pacifier, which you eagerly scour the house to find).

We also see the love you have for your middle sister, Imogen. Your drawings often feature the two of you, the way life has seemed to you as far back as you can remember. We hope that through the ups and downs of growing up, that you can stay close and be that teammate for each other.

Your gentleness when you talk about Oberon is so loving, and honestly unexpected. We wish you had gotten the chance to meet him too. It warms our hearts when you include bees or talk about him. He is part of our family and it is so special that you embrace that too.

You are embarking on many years of school. You will learn so many things, make so many friends, and face so many challenges. We hope we can be the support system you need, so you can grow and flourish. We hope you accept your classmates as they are and lead with kindness and patience. We hope they meet you the same way. Boys can wear skirts. Everyone knows something you don't. We are all learning. Be a bucket filler. 

You got this. And we got you.

Mommy & Daddy