Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Opening Up

It certainly feels like most of the U.S. has declared COVID over. While we aren't quite there, we are certainly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and making plans. Adelaide getting her two month shots is coinciding nicely with the general feeling that it's time to get together again.

Two months old! - June 30, 2021

Again, we're thinking a lot about all the major changes that arrive in the fall and wanting to make the most (safely) out of this summer. 

The Beat Goes On

Everett and Imogen had their first on-stage dance recital! It was small, outdoors, and everything we could have wanted for them. They were so proud of themselves and really lit up on the stage.

Recital Time - June 26, 2021


Both bigger beasties had significant breakthrough at swim. After what felt like forever with no significant progress and some listening issues, they have done AMAZING the whole month. It's so inspiring to see them mastering new skills. 

Swimmy Thoma - June 13, 2021

For her part, Adelaide is spooking us with her precociousness. She's been holding her head up at 90 degrees consistently for weeks, rolls over occasionally, scoots, and weight bears on her legs. It feels insane and far too soon. She's also started giving us more consistent smiles, which is... the best.

Smiley Adelaide - June 29. 2021

Back To The Grind

For Chris, at least. The office is open half time, and starting next month it's back to "normal." The commute, the separation, the dress clothes (kind of), it's all back. It's been a neat silver lining to have working from home during the first couple months Adelaide was here. In addition to a longer parental leave, Chris got to get some "Addy time" at lunch with a walk or just some quick interaction throughout the day. Of course, that can't happen when he's miles away in the office.

Father's Day - June 20, 2021

And it's pretty official now that when Elizabeth goes back it will be all the way back, no significant transition period. It will be incredibly strange.

Time For Fun

It doesn't feel like that much else needs to be said this month. Sure, things happened, but we'd rather focus on some together time (and rest!) while we can.