Thursday, July 30, 2020

Summertime Grooves

It is amazing how quickly we adapt. We're in a pretty solid groove now, and no end is in sight. The office keeps putting return dates out there, and they keep passing by. When we stop and think - of course life is so different than six months ago. When we think of what we are missing out on - there is some melancholy, but it's mostly fine. Because what we have is pretty great, and we are so very fortunate.

Running through the sprinklers - July 4, 2020

We didn't get to go to Michigan for the 4th of July and we didn't get to celebrate "Christmas in July" with our extended family. It's sad and frustrating, but we all know it's also not worth the risk. Instead, Chris and Elizabeth hiked Uvas Canyon sans beasties (so we could hike a trail they aren't quite big enough for yet).

Fourth of July outfits - July 4, 2020

Contour Trail at Uvas Canyon - July 2, 2020

Everett had his first dance recital. We didn't get to watch it live, but we do have a video. He loved wearing his costume, taking pictures outside the studio, and (of course) watching himself perform. This isn't how we imagined it, but he still felt proud, accomplished, and celebrated.

Everett's first dance performance - July 19, 2020

Everett and Imogen returned to swim class. It's an open-air pool and a small, stable group of families. Everett only has one or two other kids he is near, and Chris swims with Imogen so they can stay socially distant. They LOVE being back in the water. We tried to virtualize so much of their pre-pandemic lives, but you can't Zoom a pool.

First swim class back! July 11, 2020

We spotted Jackson Storm at swim - July 25, 2020

We also had a play date. Gasp! It was with a girl that goes to daycare with Immy, so we are already in a shared social bubble. The adults still socially distanced outside (and masked), but we let the kids play. Our backyard is a good space for kids and we have missed sharing it. By this time in the year, we'd typically have had at least one "summer party", opening our home and enjoying the company of our friends and neighbors. Someday, but not anytime soon.

Imogen - July 2020

Oh yes, and Everett turned 4-and-a-half. We don't do parties for half birthdays so it was pretty much what we would have done pre-pandemic. We enjoyed treats (he chose donuts) and a few gifts we'd accumulated over the months.

Everett turns 4.5 - July 7, 2020

This pandemic is clearly sticking around for awhile longer, so now we have to figure out what fall and winter look like. We have to prioritize and mitigate, plan and reevaluate. How do we visit loved ones safely? What can wait and what can't? Is Halloween totally cancelled?

That last one is a bit tongue in cheek, but Everett did ask (unprompted) if germ time would be over before Halloween. At this point, the answer is most likely no.

And yet, on we groove. Our little family, full of love. We're not sure how long we can coast like this, but we're not worried about that now.