Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One Month Old!

Obie turns one month old on Xmas Eve.  We're so lucky he has reached this milestone.  We get to snuggle him on the night before Xmas (and we'll need to look up the words to that story to read to him after this gets posted)!

Our little ham.  Posing for Abby Alger on 12/10/2014.

The past month has felt like both a lifetime and no time at all.  It's been full of practically simultaneous highs and lows, but the one constant through it all is our precious Oberon.

To celebrate, we wanted to post a picture and a sentence from each day this month, and the day before.

Sunday, November 23
Awesome ladies keep Elizabeth company in the hospital - since they were supposed to be hosting the baby shower, they had no other plans!

Monday, November 24
Oberon arrives!

 Tuesday, November 25
Daddy gets some holding time with Obie.

Wednesday, November 26
Presents for the beastie, from the shower that wasn't.

Thursday, November 27
Chris telling Obie about how the Lions play on Thanksgiving every day (and for once - they won!).

Friday, November 28
Breaking rules started early - visiting with Grandma F.

Saturday, November 29
Holding hands with Daddy and getting some rest.

Sunday, November 30
It's never to early to start loving apple pie (made by Grandma F)!

Monday, December 1
We don't have any pictures from this day.  This was the day Obie got his MRI, so we didn't get a lot of visiting time.  We were also very emotional with all the extra testing that was going on.  So instead, here is the latest picture we have from Nov 30!  Check out our fancy hospital bracelets - the magic tickets to see our Obear.

 Tuesday, December 2
Things changed quite a bit - Obie got the leads in his head for the EEG, but he still needed diaper changes from Daddy.

Wednesday, December 3
A little bit of skin-to-skin with Mommy was a big challenge with all the tubes and wires (but totally worth it).

Thursday, December 4
Grandma T meets Obie.

Friday, December 5
Grandpa F reads Obie a story about dinosaurs.

Saturday, December 6
Obie had a lot (a LOT) of visitors, but I just love the shots of his profile.

Sunday, December 7
Obie takes a field trip to the hospital courtyard and has a very special photo shoot.

Monday, December 8
Auntie Megan reads Obie a copy of Pat the Bunny from 1984... the smelly flowers sure were smelly!

Tuesday, December 9
Come home day, also known as Obie Xmas (we'll explain that later).

Wednesday, December 10
Enjoying much easier skin-to-skin time at home.

Thursday, December 11
Obie isn't sure about bathtime, but now that he's home we get to do it every few days! 

Friday, December 12
4a.m. selfies... because what else are we doing?

Saturday, December 13
At Obie Open House, our son proves to be quite the ladies' man! 

Sunday, December 14
Holiday pictures are hard work. 

Monday, December 15
Hanging with Grandpa T while Daddy reads Mother Goose. 

Tuesday, December 16
JJ checking out his little brother.

Wednesday, December 17
Relaxing in my dino towel after yet another bath. 

Thursday, December 18
You gotta stretch.

Friday, December 19
Now that's a duck face.

Saturday, December 20
Once again, holiday outfits tire Oberon out!

Sunday, December 21
Aunt Sandy gives Obie a kiss while he keeps warm under the blanket she made.

Monday, December 22
Mommy and Obie, goofing around.

Tuesday, December 23
Obie's third big trip - to Christmas in the Park!

Wednesday, December 24
ONE MONTH OLD!!!  A rare picture of Obie's left cheek while we were changing the tape.  Happy 1 Month, Obie!  Mommy and Daddy love you a hundred a hundred. 


  1. Awww so precious! I loved seeing the pictures! Happy one month Obie! I hope his Christmas is magical!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Happy one month birthday Obie Bear!

  3. Just got caught up on the news today. Happy one month birthday, Obie! Sending love to you, your parents, and the Fiorani and Thoma families! From your cousin Amy Fiorani Galvan

  4. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Just amazing! My favorite is "our little ham" photo. Made me smile immediately. It appears that he was quite the charmer! Sending good thoughts your way.

    - Mikki