Monday, October 26, 2015

Obie Blankets, Because All Babies Deserve Blankets

In the early weeks and months after Obie passed away, it was hard to do things beyond the bare minimum.  We watched a lot of TV.  Slept.  Hoped time would go by more quickly.

One thing Elizabeth started doing a lot was knitting and crocheting.  Indiscriminate projects, just something to do to pass the time.  Mostly while watching TV.  It kept her mind occupied so she had at least a little escape here and there.

She made things for a hopeful eventual living baby.  Ours, maybe, or someone else's.  She made things that just looked kind of cool.  She made gifts for nieces and nephews.  She finished a project she had haphazardly started years ago and never finished.  She made a yellow blanket because she had yellow yarn from an old project.
Some projects Elizabeth made earlier in 2015.

Somewhere along the line, she decided she wanted to make a special blanket for Obie.  She had made a few blankets when she was pregnant, but they were general.  She wanted to make one that had Obie's bees on it, and obviously was yellow.

The Obie Blanket.

We've mentioned before that personalized gifts we received in honor of Obie meant a lot to us.  Especially in the beginning when we were looking for anything to hold onto.  Elizabeth had been talking a lot with a couple women who lost their babies around the same time we lost Obie, and she decided she wanted to make them blankets too.

That's how Obie Blankets started, and now she's made more than she ever expected.  It's therapeutic to make these blankets for other loss moms.  She gets to think of both Obie and the baby the blanket is for.  She gets to talk to the loss mom about her baby and things that make her think of her child.  And Obie's Bees get to fly all around.

Obie's Bees on Obie Blankets.

Obie Blankets always have a bee applique on the bottom right, and an applique that has a special meaning for the baby the blanket is for on the top left.  You can see pictures of all the blankets Elizabeth has made so far on the Obie Blankets page.

For Ellie, Emily, Edward, Meredith, Luna, Phoebe, Esther, Shaul, Annalise, and all the babies gone too soon.

If you want to make an Obie blanket, you can download the pattern here.  Please keep in mind that Obie Blankets are only meant for loss children.  Living babies can have all kinds of beautiful blankets (and so much else), but Obie Blankets are special to us.  They are very special blankets for very special babies.  Because all babies deserve blankets.  All babies deserve something special.


  1. These are beautiful! What an absolutely wonderful, special, and thoughtful way to spread comfort through Obie's Bees!
    Lots of love from Obie's grandma!

  2. I totally second Sherry's comments. My sentiments exactly! So thoughtful and caring, all while mourning your own loss. Speaks volumes about you both. Thinking of you and Obie!!