Saturday, March 18, 2017

Walking, But Not Yet Talking

We recently got back from a family trip to Lake Tahoe.  It was so nice to spend time with family, although colds and the flu made for some unfortunate quarantining.

Evie's first view of the lake - 3/3/2017

Evie got his first taste of playing in the snow, lots of time with his cousins Dominic and Gordon, and plenty of cuddles with Grandma F (he was a bit wary of Grandpa F, but we're sure he'll grow out of that soon - why are so many babies skittish around men?).

We were more into the snow than Evie was - 2/28/17

Chris and Elizabeth got to ski for the first time in three years, on day at Northstar and one at Homewood.  Post-knee surgery for him and post-pregnancies for her, and we did OK!  Elizabeth's brother and sister-in-law also got to experience the majesty of Lake Tahoe skiing for the first time (thanks, grandparents, for babysitting!).
Skiing at Homewood with gorgeous lake views - 3/1/17 

On the Northstar gondola, ready for the slopes - 2/27/17

We also got to visit and play lots of games.  Evie loves his big bouncy ball, building towers, and giving kisses!  It was so nice to be unplugged for nearly the whole week.   It was also nice to get back to Tahoe.  Although this was Evie's first trip, his big brother Obie had been to Tahoe before (on the inside).

Hugs for cousins - 3/1/17

Maybe it was watching his cousins, maybe it was the constant attention from so many adults, but Evie is now getting more and more comfortable on those feet!  His first steps were on Valentine's Day, but now nearly a month later he can make it across the room.

Evie's first steps - playing the take diapers out and put them back in the drawer game - 2/14/2017

Watching Evie toddle around, it's very clear that we are exiting the baby phase.  It's a weird feeling because we've been in the baby phase much longer than normal.  We've been in the baby phase - from trying to conceive to having a toddler - for over three years.  Of course we hoped parenting would eventually involve all the phases, but it still stings to be moving on to a new one, and Obie isn't able to experience it.

The boys - March 3, 2017

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