Monday, October 29, 2018

Imogen is ONE!

She's one! And she took her first steps today!

Happy Birthday, Imogen! (Party day - 10/27/2018)

It feels unbelievable, but the next moment it feels like it has been so many more than twelve months. Her personality is shining through an often-crinkled nose, she's shakily steadily standing on two feet unassisted, she loves music, she loves dancing to music, and she'll eat almost anything. That's our girl.

Prepping for her birthday party was fun, but also stressful. Elizabeth had a late-planned work trip that took her away the three days prior (eek!) and Chris was supporting an audit at work, so we had to really plan ahead. Thankfully, Grandma and Grandpa Fiorani came to visit and they could help us divide and conquer the to-do list!

Grandpa and Grandma Fiorani with Immy at her party - 10/27/2018

October has been an all-over-the-place kind of month. It's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, both Elizabeth and Chris had work travel, Elizabeth's dance studio had a show, Imogen turned one, dear friends moved far away, Halloween shenanigans, and - oh yeah - we went to Disneyland.

Disney California Adventure - 10/8/2018

In a lot of ways, we're just doing our best to ride the waves right now. There is SO MUCH right in front of us, and we are trying to enjoy that.

A House Divided - 10/19/2018

In that spirit - what's been going on with our kids this month?


The birthday girl charms everyone with her crinkly smile, giggles, and two bottom teeth. She is such a bright light, and honestly such an easy baby. Although we probably should start using tot or toddler?

Immy at her first birthday party - 10/27/2018

Her birthday party, "There's No Age Like One," was Wizard of Oz themed. We had a lot of fun with a yellow brick road (spray paint chalk), the Emerald City, Munchkin Land, family costumes, themed treats, and a hot air balloon photo both set-up; we are pretty excited how everything turned out. She had fun too.

Family costumes on party day - 10/27/2018

Party set up - 10/27/2018


In the past few months, Everett's cognition has really developed. He has more independent thoughts and follows lines of reasoning much better than before. We are doing our best to support his creativity and independence, even when it tests our patience (or makes a mess).

Everett dressed up as a "robot" for a Halloween party - 10/21/2018

He is starting to get braver singing along to songs like "Ride" by ZZ Ward and "Life Is A Highway" performed by the Rascal Flatts (thought, he just informed Chris that needs to be removed from the playlist because he doesn't like it anymore).  If you recognize those as songs from the movie "Cars" - three, cheers for you.  Tonight, we overheard him singing the complete rendition of Baby Shark while drifting off to sleep in his bedroom.

Everett with Dracula Mater - 10/8/2018

Evie had a BLAST at Disneyland, and we are so happy we took him again (bonus points for taking him one last time before he needs his own ticket). We'd never been at Halloweentime, and it was quite fun (only a little spooky).


Of course, our boy is missing. He is ever present in our hearts, and Elizabeth has been more vocal about him, his loss, and our grief this month. For the fourth time, she participated in the Capture Your Grief photo sharing event (@obiemama1124 on Instagram).

Lighting candles on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day for the Wave of Light - 10/15/2018

This project is always complicated. Do we delve back into the rawness of grief? Do we opt out because it makes that day easier? As usual, there are no right answers, just what feels more right in that moment.

Being quiet hasn't felt right yet.

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