Sunday, June 28, 2020

A Cover Is Not The Book

For a few years, we really didn't do any screen time at home. Everett and Imogen got some at daycare, but we wanted home time to be more active. 

Immy the Ladybug - June 6. 2020

Evie the Surfer - June 6, 2020

Now that they're a bit older, and especially because outings are severely limited, we are watching more movies together as a family. 

It's been so much fun. We rotate picks and the kids usually pick a book they've read many times. That leaves it to us - the grown ups - to come up with different kinds of movie magic. 

Maybe you've watched Mary Poppins lately, but if you haven't we'll remind you that it's a VERY slow-moving movie. The musical numbers are (mostly) fantastic, but the plot is plodding if it moves at all. And honestly, some of the songs aren't great either. Our kids were fidgety and we had to call them back for the "good parts." 

Even so, guess what music they want to listen to? Guess what characters they pretend to be? Everett still wishes he could jump into a chalk drawing and Imogen wonders when we will find the carousel with a pink and purple horse. We listen to "A Spoonful of Sugar" every night as our cleaning up song.

So last weekend, Elizabeth picked Mary Poppins Returns, sight unseen, hoping it would have some of that same magic.

It was a little more of a callback to the original than we thought! The slow beginning had us catching each other's eyes with a hint of "oh, no... not again... will they even sit through this?" Answer: Imogen no, Everett mostly. Everett really loved it - especially the fantastical parts. Watching his face light up made all the nap-disrupting and chore-delaying worth it. His eyes grow wide and a joyful smile spreads across his face. Elizabeth and Everett watched part of the movie while Imogen started her nap, including the musical number "Trip A Little Light Fantastic."

He jumped on the couch, he made up a new dance, and he insisted that we rewind the movie so he could show Immy. When we all sat down to watch (after naps), he giddily narrated what was happening: "Mary Poppins just did second position!" (It was first, but we'll take it.)

Yes, it's true there is less "magic" in their lives right now. Very few outings, no play dates, no family visits or trips for months. Maybe this is the perfect time to lean into some movie magic.

Evie's glorious locks of hair, pre hair-cut - June, 6, 2020 

Completing Preschool "Room 4", off to Junior K in August - June 20, 2020

Father's Day Celebration - June 21, 2020

Walking to get coffee, masks on! - June 21, 2020

Apart from movies, magic, pandemics, an awakening to racial injustice (that hopefully germinates lasting change), and the beginning of summer - June marks two very important annual events for our family.
  1. Pride
  2. Waddle Walk
Pride has been part of our relationship since the beginning. Family members and close friends have had to live through the indignity of being denied rights and courtesies given to the heteronormative amongst us. It's ridiculous, intolerant, and wrong. Pride as a symbol of being proud of who you are and who you love is paramount. Our kids will hopefully only understand the need for Pride festivals through the history books. All we can do for now is have them witness the love and acceptance.

PRIDE Celebration at Home.  Love is Love - June 27, 2020

June 2020 marks the second Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) Waddle Walk. Last year, we were hoping more people would join us the next time around. But then, pandemic. Our family woke up early and drove further away to avoid the crowds (and the heat). We had a lovely, misty, chilly three mile walk at Mount Madonna. As awkward as it feels to fundraise, we did do it. We did it for families going through the indescribable pain of losing a child and then the all-consuming fear of trying again. Families like ours. 

Next June? We plan to be waddling and proud again. It's tricky to try to project anything other than that.

Waddle Walk at Mt. Madonna - June 28, 2020

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