Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Big Birthday, and a Delayed Celebration

It's repetitive, it's basic, it is what it is. This month FLEW by.

In normal times, the end-of-year holiday blitz would be quickly followed with a birthday bash for Everett. Given the COVID-19 surge happening, we made a decision in early December that we were not doing that. We waited to see how January went and then make a decision from there. And Everett - who is now FIVE - has been very mature about the whole thing.

Everett the five-year-old - January 7, 2021

It can also rain a lot here in January, so an outdoor party is just tempting fate. On his first birthday party, there was a rain storm strong enough that many people canceled day-of due to unsafe road conditions.

Just some rain - January 22, 2021

On his "actual birthday" - we took the day off and had amazing family time. Bike ride, cupcakes, and Katamino while Immy napped.

In late October, Immy had her outdoor, socially-distanced birthday party. She got to see and wave at her friends, play outside all day, eat a cupcake, and have all kinds of Rapunzel stuff around for a couple weeks.

Everett was a fabulous host at that party, and since then he's been anxiously awaiting his turn. 

The delay meant that Everett could be much more involved in the planning. He is really digging both the brainstorming and getting some of the prep work done. 

Showing off his Thor LEGOs (thanks Uncle Graham & Aunt Sandy!) - January 24, 2021

In case there was any doubt, Avengers are the big winners right now. His Superhero party will focus mainly on the Avengers with a few Wonder Woman touches for good measure. 

As an example, he is art directing the "Pin the..." party game. We went through a lot of ideas and talked to Grandma Fiorani about what she could help us make. After many considerations (leaves on Groot, staff on Loki, hammer on Thor), we landed on "Pin the Star on Captain America's Shield." It doesn't roll off the tongue, but it will be fun. The special bonus is that Everett painted the Captain America that we will use! Imogen didn't want to be left out, so she helped paint Falcon for added decoration.

Why not just let it go? No adjusted party? Everett being so proactive and helpful is certainly the biggest push for us to go ahead and have a birthday party over a month late. Another big reason though, is the beastie on the way. Once she's born, we'll naturally be more restrictive with activities and interactions. This is both his chance - and our chance - to say hello in person to the people in our lives and get some of that delightful connection we are all missing so much. 

Happy New Year! - January 1, 2021

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