Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Trying New Things

Cases are low, the kiddos are growing, and we're all trying to be open to new things. New old things we've been missing, and new new things we're excited to experience.

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2022

New Old Things

The biggest new old thing is... seeing people! We've had some outings with old friends and (finally) making plans with new friends from school. 

Happy Hollow with a preschool friend - March 12, 2022

San Francisco Zoo with a (newly married) high school friend - March 19, 2022

It's exciting to see the kids have these experiences (and for the grown-ups to get some social time too!), but it does bring with it a busy calendar and the mental load of planning. Didn't really miss that part of it.

Mini-golf birthday party! - March 13. 2022

New New Things

Along with more outings that aren't hikes, the kids have had the chance to try some new things. New treats like Dippin' Dots and boba tea, and new excursions like the SJSU Football Spring Game.

SJSU Football Spring Game - March 26, 2022

We've started talking more about the things we'd like to do with the kids. Outings, vacations, activities, which brings us to...

New Interests

Everett has picked up an interest in sports. Both playing (basketball, flag football) and watching (basketball, hockey, football, Olympics). He has started basketball and flag football clinics at his after care and his skills have noticeably improved. This fall might be when we take the plunge into team sports. 

Playing basketball - March 27, 2022

March Stand-bys

We haven't forgotten about Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, or the Spring Equinox! March brings so much to celebrate and we dive right into those. 

Pi Day - March 14, 2022

Spring Basket deliveries! - March 20, 2022 (Immy really liked that shirt this month)

This year we made banana cream pie and apple pie (pretty sure it was the same menu as 2021).

And that's it for now because... we're busy! That calendar is filling up and we've got a trip coming up and a first birthday to plan.

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